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A Brown Thrasher

Yesterday afternoon I was on a walk down my street with my camera looking for birds to take pictures of, and was quite happy to have spotted this beautiful Brown Thrasher.  Being a recent transplant here to Tennessee from California, I had never before seen a Brown Thrasher.  These medium-sized birds are quite common in the Eastern half of the United States.  They are in my own opinion, very beautiful! They are a reddish brown with a cream colored chest that has reddish brown spotted streaks.  The Brown Thrasher eats insects.  This particular Brown Thrasher was hunting for bugs in a shallow street-side drainage ditch.

Update:  The Brown Thrasher is very close in looks to the Wood Thrush.  I had misidentified this bird in my earlier edition of this post.  One of my fellow bloggers was kind enough to let me know the true identity of this lovely brown bird.  I have corrected this edition.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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  1. I think that is a Brown Thrasher. We have them all over the place –and they even come to the feeders.

    I saw our first Rose-breasted Grosbeak today. They come in the Spring while heading north for the summer—and they come back through in Fall. They are gorgeous.. The males especially are beautiful. The males come first and stay about a week or two and then the females come. The female has a HUGE white eyebrow. Be on the lookout for them.


  2. Thanks to fellow blogger Betsy, I have corrected my error. Yes this bird is in fact a Brown Thrasher and not a Wood Thrush. The mistake is an easy one to make since both birds are very similar in their looks and that particular bird did not make a sound while I was near it. Thanks again, Betsy!

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