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Titmouse in the Tub

Today’s Titmouse photo group make up  the third installment of the “Birdbath Stories”.  I recently caught this Tufted Titmouse taking its bath in the birdbath in my neighbor’s front yard.  I have also taken photographs of other birds in this same birdbath.  The Titmouse really spent quite a long time bathing.  It clearly enjoyed the cool water as it was a warm afternoon.  It is very important for owners of birdbaths to keep them full of clean fresh water.  Birds love bathing and also just cool off in the baths.  Birds sometimes do take a quick drink from the water in the birdbaths.  I’ll be posting another “Birdbath Story” soon.  Please click on the thumbnail photo to see the larger image.  Enjoy!

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  1. Cute! I love the one with the water splashing everywhere! All year I keep water in what we have that serves as a water dish for them and also a bird bath, and in winter that requires a big cup of hot water in the morning to melt the ice. Even when it is that cold they will sometimes bathe. (I won’t mention what wild turkeys do to bird baths though).

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