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In this first of two parts, I will tell a story of the Robins.  Today’s story is about the nest.   While out on a walk with my trusty camera recently, I heard and saw several American Robins.  I saw one of the Robins fly up to a crotch in the limbs of a huge nearby tree and settle in a nest.   I did get a picture of that Robin’s head just above the rim of the nest.  I was able to identify the bird because of having seen that tell-tale white circle around its eye.

I  have included other photographs of other American Robins.  One may be a mate to that one who was sitting on the nest but I am not certain about it.  American Robins are lovely medium-sized brown and burnt orange colored birds.  They hunt for worms and other insects on the ground.  We seem to have a lot of these birds in my area now.  Please click on the thumbnail photo to see the large version of that picture.  Enjoy!

American Robin in the Nest

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  1. It’s always nice to have a Robin nesting somewhere around close. We usually do, but I haven’t found one this year. Lots of them visit and take advantage of an ample supply of worms in our yard. Last evening, one took a long bath in the bird dish.

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