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The Killdeer Bird

I took these photographs at a local grocery store parking area about a mile from my house.  This Killdeer was one of a flock of about 15 that live there near that store area.  The Killdeer is about the size of a Mourning Dove but has stilt-like legs.  Killdeers have a call that sound much like their name.  They look a bit like a Sandpiper and are really shore birds but are not necessarily found always along the seaside or marsh.  They are often found inland such as here on the Cumberland Plateau in TN.  The Killdeer live around grassy meadows and pastures.  In suburban areas, they seem to like the edges of grassy school playgrounds and parks.  They don’t mind walking on paved areas either as seen in the photograph above.

The Killdeer builds its nest on the ground.  They like closely cropped grassy areas with patches of raw dirt.  It will go into a wounded bird act and lead an enemy or predator away from its nest.  Once far enough away from the nesting grounds, the Killdeer will then fly off and return to its nest as soon as that predator has left for good. and then fly off once far enough away from the actual nesting grounds.    I took these pictures from inside my car.    Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger version.

Comments on: "The Killdeer Bird" (3)

  1. Neat Linda… I’ve never seen a Kildeer before–other than in pictures. I think I would recognize one though… I assume you saw it at Food City… We don’t go to that store much since it seems to be so much more expensive than Krogers and Walmart. But it is convenient.

    Thanks for the pictures of the Kildeer.

  2. We have some Kildeers here that live along the river, but I haven’t had good luck getting close enough for photos. They’re sure interesting though.

  3. Have you also found it nesting? If so please consider helping us by adding any kind of nesting records of shorebirds o our breeding mapping database. I would highly appreciate it. More details: http://www.worldwaders.org

    Cheers, Szimi

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