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The Dead Tree

I was doing my daily photo walk down my street and stopped to take pictures at one of my usual spots featuring the birds perched in a large dead Oak.  In the past I have taken photographs of a King Bird, and a Blue Jay in that same tree.  Because Woodpeckers love to peck on dead tree bark to find insects and perhaps to drill into the bark to create a cavity home, I knew that eventually I would see a Woodpecker on that particular tree.  Sure enough, I saw not one but three Woodpeckers perched on that tree at the same time!  There were two juvenile Woodpeckers, I think that they may be Hairy Woodpeckers but it is hard to tell – they easily could be Downy Woodpeckers.  There also was what appears to be a Northern Yellow Shafted Flicker.  The juvenile Woodpeckers were way way up in the crown of the tree about 40 ft. up.  The Northern Yellow Shafted Flicker was perched  much lower and on the other side of that  tree.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Juvenile Woodpecker

Juvenile Woodpecker

Northern Yellow Shafted Flicker

Comments on: "Three Woodpeckers in a Tree" (2)

  1. Hi Linda, How ’bout that rain??? That’s the most we have gotten in awhile… We still need more–but heck, I’ll take what we got!!!!!

    Your woodpecker pictures are good…. I would agree that the two are probably juveniles…..????


  2. Three at a time is pretty good for those guys and I bet that provided a lot of action!

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