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I enjoy seeing Northern Cardinals very much.  Here are some random pictures I have taken in my yard and on my street.  The Cardinals prefer the low trees and thick evergreen shrubbery.  They eat insects and usually catch flying ones or ones on leaves of plants.  The Northern Cardinals have a very distinctive and lovely musical whistling type of call.  It’s very easy to spot that male Cardinal due to its bright almost neon red plumage.  The female is a bit duller with more brown and orange red instead of the vivid red.  Like other birds, the Cardinals will sometimes perch on telephone electric wires or even stroll down the middle of the street!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

A Juvenile Northern Cardinal

Comments on: "A Few Views of the Northern Cardinal" (3)

  1. Hi Linda, Great pictures of the beautiful Cardinal.

    Hope you have a good day… I’m going to do some watering… I think my plants will appreciate a little water…

  2. Nice shots! They are beautiful birds and you are fortunate to have them around. Every year or so we have some visit here and really enjoy it when they do.

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