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Interesting Insects

Possibly a Monarch Butterfly

Here are some photographs I have taken fairly recently of some insects and butterflies that I have seen here in my yards and also along my street in neighbor’s gardens and along the shoreline of the lake near the dam.  I won’t often post insect pictures but occasionally I like to include a variety of critters in my wildlife posts.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Yellow Bumblebee


Possibly a Mayfly

House Fly



Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly

Comments on: "Interesting Insects" (7)

  1. Great pictures, Linda…. That Swallowtale is gorgeous!!!!! I’ve never heard of a Mayfly….

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Have a great day/weekend.

    • Hi Betsy, Thank you! By the way, the ducks are now spreading the word about my backyard feeder – I saw almost the entire small flock of hens in the lake hanging around my dock area and 2 were up under the feeder today several times. Oh well! I do enjoy the ducks though.

  2. That’s a nice collection! I love the photo of the dragonfly!

    • Hi Montucky, Thanks! I like the picture of the bronze Dragonfly, too! The only really gross picture is of the House Fly, and I was experimenting to see if I could take close-ups. I did not put up any of my few pictures of some huge spiders we have here (too gross for most). Ha! Have a great Saturday!

  3. I wish we had all these birds! I love the way the nuthatch crawls down the tree headfirst. and the tufted titmouse’s cute little headdress!

  4. Update on 3/16/11: I have been advised by Mr. Steve Stedman, the following are the correct names for these butterflies:

    The topmost butterfly for August 13 is an American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis). The dark one is a Spicebush Swallowtail (Papilio troilus).



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