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White-Tailed Deer at Twilight

Here are my most recent round of bad pictures of deer,  but know that I did my best!  Last night my husband and I were out driving in the hinterlands of our community here in beautiful Cumberland County, TN, and we saw a total of 13 White-Tailed Deer in 4 locations!  There were 4 bucks and the rest were does or we were unable to tell the gender.  At one home, there were about 3 deer in the back yard and another 4 in front.  I had to take the pictures from the car so I do apologize for how bad they all are.  By the way, no pictures but we saw a gigantic flock of about 10 Wild Turkeys last night on that same drive.  All of the animals and birds looked well-fed and in good condition.

Comments on: "White-Tailed Deer at Twilight" (4)

  1. Wow —where were you and about what time???? I want to take that drive some evening…

    You saw alot of wildlife….

  2. That was a good evening’s drive! The fawns are so cute! I always love to see the animals!

  3. Well, goodness, these deer were right in front of a house, in their yard!! and they are little fawns, I just had to click on them. this is a GOOD picture, no need to apologize! Are they always in yards like this, do you have any?

    • Hi Ginny, No, we seldom have deer coming on our street here but some of our neighbors report that once in a while a deer or two will come and visit or head to the lake for water. I don’t know if the homes in the neighborhood where the house was that I photographed the deer at has them come often but it is likely that those deer know where the tender grass and tasty plants are. : )

      Have a great day!

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