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Tonight again at about 6:00PM (Central) we drove around the community to see if we could see any more White-Tailed Deer.  I am happy to tell you that I saw 6 and my husband caught a glimpse of some 3 more.  We spotted the deer in four different places with all but one area being very woodland or brushy along the road.  Here are tonight’s new pictures that I just unloaded from the camera.

Comments on: "Deer at Dusk in Cumberland County, TN" (6)

  1. Goodness, it is absolutely crawling with deer! This is beginning to remind me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”. Only iy would be called “The Deer”!

  2. Hi Ginny, No not so Hitchcokian. The deer here are mostly on the Northern end of our large community but we also have scattered deer around here and there. I do think that there are a lot here now. I am thrilled to see them! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  3. You really live in a great community!

  4. Wow—neat, Linda…. Are you going to keep doing it every evening? It certainly gives you lots of great blog pictures… We saw 4 on the way home –but no camera!!!! ha

  5. Beautiful deer photos!

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