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Autumn is a time when the birds and chipmunks are busily finding food and preparing for the coming cooler weather.  I’ve been taking a lot of photographs of the goings on of the birds ducks and chipmunks here in my yards and along the street in the past week.  I’ve been posting for this blog on a thematic basis and have a few pictures left over.  I just thought I would share these left-overs with you here today.  I have taken all of these photographs in the past few weeks.  In fact, I took the picture of the White-Tailed Deer just last night at twilight.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Pictures of Birds, Ducks, a Cheeky Chipmunk, & a Deer" (7)

  1. You mus live in a paradise!!

  2. My, you have been getting a lot of nice shots! I love the one of the chipmunk! His cheek is just stuffed!

    • Hi Montucky, That Chipmunk had been collecting fallen Hickory Nuts from the wooden boardwalk on the dock. Chipmunks are so so cute! I have been having fun taking pictures. My fun new credo: If it moves, I’ll take its picture!

  3. Oh, my. The chipmunk sure has a mouthful.

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