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Bird Feeders are extra-popular supplemental sources of food for creatures other than just birds as I have found this past year here.  I have seen Grey Squirrels up on the feeder eating and shaking the seed so that it spilled to the ground.  Once I had even seen a Chipmunk do the same (maybe it took note of what the squirrel did?).  Amazing!  Under the bird feeder, I have frequently seen ground feeding birds such as the Mourning Doves, Robins, and Sparrows.  I additionally have seen Mallard Ducks enjoying the freebies from time to time.  In a prior post here I documented how the Squirrel knocked the seed down and the Ducks cleaned up!  Even the hummingbird nectar feeder has its share of free-loaders.  I have recently taken pictures of Butterflies and Wasps on the nectar feeder.  So, the hospitality extended by that bird feeder is appreciated by the wildlife.  I do hope though, that the wasps find another buffet and our feeder won’t be a nuisance because of wasps.  We do discourage the Squirrels each and every time we see them on top of the feeder or even attempting to climb the pole.  By the way, the baffle system for the bird feeder pole really did not keep the Squirrels off so we discontinued using it.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Unexpected Guests at the Bird Feeders" (8)

  1. Wasps!! At the feeder? I have heard that the baffle system doesn’t discourage squirrels, they are really smart. there is a feeder that will give the squirrels a slight shock when they invade it, and that works wonders! And doesn’t really hurt the squirrels, jusy shocks them a bit.

    • Hi Betsy, Yes, I have had to watch for those Wasps occasionally – they are attracted to the nectar. I am quite careful to hose down any spills but the Wasps seem to know that the nectar is in the feeder. Oh well. I will see about the Squirrels. Have a wonderful and fun day!

  2. I would love to see a wild duck at the foot of our feeder. When I lived in two I finally gave up on feeding the birds because of the huge squirrel problem. They could empty out a feeder in a matter of a few minutes. We don’t have anywhere near the problem out here in the country. They visit the feeder occasionally, but that is okay as long as they leave some for the birds.

    • Hi Kateri, I love having the feeders. I used to have one up on the deck (second floor on back) but I had to move the feeder due to the ever-present Grey Squirrels running all over the deck – also birds got a bit messy. I now contend with the Squirrels being in cahoots with the Mallards and Doves! Oh well!! I do enjoy watching it all happen though.

  3. Your feeders are more than just feeders, they are entertainment centers! Our feeding area is the same, although I wish we had squirrels. The chipmunks are real rascals, but getting to watch them is worth every bit of trouble that they cause. You have such a nice variety of visitors!

  4. I had to give my squirrels their own feeding spot, now I watch them just as much as the birds lol

    • Hi Jay, Welcome! I know the feeling! Those Grey Squirrels have taught the Chipmunk how to climb the feeder! The two of the species are certainly egged on by the Mallard Ducks, Mourning Doves and House Sparrows that love to eat the food dropped on the ground from the shaken feeder! Have a wonderful day and thanks for your nice comments.

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