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Some of the Canada Geese that we had here on the lake this past spring and summer had recently left for other, presumably greener, lake-side living.  We have a number of lakes in the area so the Geese likely just moved to a different local body of water for awhile.  The Greylag Goose that lives here on our lake was the foster mom to a small group of Canada Goslings this past spring and early summer.  The now grown Canada Geese recently flew away with the larger flock.  I noticed a few days ago that a small group of Canada Geese had returned here.  The Greylag Goose certainly seems very content with which ever these Canada Geese here now, are.  I am guessing that the small group here are “Her” Geese.  It really is hard to distinguish between individual Canada Geese as they all are so very similar in looks.  The Canada Geese have been leaving and coming back in the past couple of months here.   I took most of these photographs in the last week.  It is a nice thing to be able to keep tabs on the wildlife, even if unofficially and unscientifically.  Please click on the thumbnail picture to see the larger photo.   Enjoy!

Comments on: "The Canada Geese Have Returned" (4)

  1. I love the Canada Geese, we have a lot of tame ones around here. I think they look so stately and rather majestic!

  2. Hi Ginny, Those Canada Geese are beautiful! I enjoy seeing them paddle around or fly across the lake. The elderly lady neighbor here who was feeding them had to move two weeks ago. The tourists who also may have occasionally fed them at the marina in the summer are also not around. The Geese and Ducks are now having to dine on more natural foods. Have a great day!

  3. It’s nice to see that the Greylag has some friends again and that the Canadians are back again. Ours are starting to get ready to head south, except of course the few that stay here all winter.

  4. Hi Linda , Glad your geese have come back. They are so much fun to watch. Since we don’t live on a lake, we don’t see them as much as we’d like.

    You got some great pictures…. Enjoy your weekend. The weather is PERFECT.

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