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Grey Squirrels are scurrying around the yards and are frantically climbing trees to gather the acorns and nuts that abound here.  I was out and about in the past week with my trusty camera taking pictures of the Squirrels at work.  They chatter a lot and seem to be very driven at finding food.  They also are at work building Winter homes for themselves.  The Squirrels if able, will find human habitation in porch roofs, sheds, and under decks.  If necessary in the wild, the Grey Squirrels will build cozy large nests out of leaves, puffy seed fluff, fur, long grass, slender sticks, larger slender branches and found paper and cloth.  The Squirrels’ nests are usually about 2-3 feet in diameter and are  about at least 10 feet up in the notch of branches of sturdy larger trees.  The Grey Squirrels do vocalize to communicate with one another.

Have you ever heard what sounds like a chicken clucking in the trees?  Or have you heard a cat hiss coming from the leaves?  Chances are, it was a younger almost adult Grey Squirrel.  These chattering Squirrels can be plenty loud, too!  The Squirrels eat acorns, nuts, corn, sun flower seeds, bird seed, cracked corn, other seeds, fruits, and berries.  Regular readers of this blog know that the Squirrels around my house have been regularly raiding my bird feeders, and are in cahoots with the Chipmunk, the Mourning Doves, and the Mallard Ducks!  One day, I may find a successful way to keep the rodents off of the bird feeder.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Likely a Squirrel's Nest

Comments on: "Grey Squirrels Preparing for Winter" (6)

  1. Great pictures of the squirrels getting ready for winter!! Yes, my husband heard a squirrel in distress one time, when it was stuck in our downspout! It had fallen in there trying to collect maple pods on the roof. What a job getting him out!

  2. Our Grey Squirrels are gathering too. Although even throughout our winter some will still be around. There must be enough feeders and other food sources that they don’t feel like hibernating!

    • Hi Amanda, Yes, I too have seen the Grey Squirrels here in the winter even when it snowed (it does not snow often though). I think that the Squirrels are just great at finding enough food to get through the winter. Have a splendid day and thanks for your comments.

  3. I’ve noticed more squirrel activity here too. Our squirrels are much smaller than the ones you have. We don’t have the large kinds of nuts here, and so they have to work even harder to get a winter’s supply from pine nuts, but they also harvest a lot of berries and I’ve also seen them stack in mushrooms too.

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