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I was out with my camera on a recent morning and saw something that amazed me.  I had been totally convinced that the Greylag Goose hen that has lived here on our community lake all this past year could not fly.  Well, to my utter surprise, off she flew!  I took these pictures of that flight.  The Greylag was paddling among the American Coots when for some unknown reason, she just took to wing!  So, maybe she just learned how to fly by trial and error or perhaps she just had never wanted to fly.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Surprising Act by the Greylag Goose" (6)

  1. What a surprise! Those are some great in flight pictures, though!

    • Hi Ginny, I was quite taken aback at the sight of this Goose flying as it was the first such time I had ever seen her up in the air! Have a wonderful rest of the day today and a fun-filled Friday tomorrow!

  2. How interesting! Now will she migrate with her friends?

  3. Those are very cool photos. Do you know if greylag geese are wild or are they a domestic goose that went wild? I see them in parks around here and didn’t know their name prior to learning it from your blog, but they look so domestic compared with canadian geese….

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