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A Red-Tailed Hawk has decided that one of my backyard Oak Trees is a fine place to temporarily perch.  The Red-Tailed Hawk has visited my backyard for several hours in the afternoons of both December 30, 2010 and December 31, 2010, and the morning of 12/31/10.  I took these pictures from my deck and from my upstairs windows.  The bird seemed to very very tolerant of quiet humans being outside.  There were many American Coots around here plus the huge numbers of Ducks.  We also have several Eastern Chipmunks and loads of Grey Squirrels.  All can be prey for this large raptor.  It sure is a beautiful bird to see up close.  It must be the time of year for the birds to have fresh beautiful and colorful feathers.  Most seem to have the most elegant array of feathering.  I was happy to see it even if it did scare all of the small animals into hiding.  The presence of the Hawk did cause the Ducks to paddle a bit farther away from the shore,  and some Ducks such as the Lesser Scaups, dove under the water.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Red-Tailed Hawk Takes a Perch" (8)

  1. He’s probably not the favorite of the smaller birds around nor the chipmunks and squirrels, but what a beautiful bird! Your photos of him are excellent! Here I seldom see one around the house nor in the valley either as a matter of fact, but often they will be in the air over the high ridges. I love to watch them!

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, the American Coots, Eastern Chipmunks, Grey Squirrels, and all of the little birds really kept out of sight. I have not seen this Hawk in the last two days. I have had a backyard full of Coots though! The Hawk was so placid – not much flustered it. Unusual. Have a great afternoon and a wonderful coming week!

  2. First picture on the right column, he’s looking right through you! Wow to catching that curved sharp, beak, too.

    • Hi Ginny, I think that the Hawk did see me and was checking me out. It did not get upset when I was in the doorway completely visible to it. Have a super day!

  3. He is a beautiful bird. I see hawks quite frequently when driving through the country, but rarely see them on our own property.

    • Hi Kateri, This was the first Hawk to actually perch in our trees. We had a Bald Eagle perch here but that is rare! Lots of small birds, fish, and small animals to serve as prey for the Hawk. I guess the buffet sign is out for my yards in all cases! I hope you have a great evening tonight and a super good coming week!

  4. HI Linda, As you know from my blog, we had one of those visitors around here not too long ago… BUT–the crows go crazy when hawks are around. They make so much noise and fly all over the place. Do you have those HUGE crows down your way???? They (crows) seem to protect the other birds from the hawks….

    Great pictures..

    • Hi Betsy, Yes I occasionally see Crows here. Lots of the Crows live over by the dam in the huge Pines. I had a fly-by from the Bald Eagle this afternoon, but the Eagle was across the lake and flying fast so my pictures are terrible. Oh well. I have not seen this Red-Tailed Hawk in a couple of days now. I also have a bunch of Coots in the yard every day. Seems they like bird seed! Who knew? Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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