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I took these pictures of the Western Grebes a few weeks ago before the lake froze over.  I have not seen them  in the last week.   These larger water birds are migrant visitors.  The Western Grebe, like the much smaller Pied-Billed Grebe, eat small aquatic animals and fish.  They dive for their meals.  The Grebes tend to paddle in pairs but sometimes will join with the Ducks and Coots.  Since the American Coots already were up  on my dock and in my yard, the Grebe just decided to hop up onto the dock and sit with the Coots.  Boy was I ever surprised to see the Grebe out of the water and on the wooden dock!  I have not seen this happen before or since.  The Grebe was on the dock on 1/2/11.  The smaller black-colored bird sitting next to the Grebe is an American Coot.  I took the pictures from my basement window.  I have also included a photo of the Western Grebe paddling in the water that I took on 1/3/11.  I was quite pleased to be able to see the Western Grebe up close on that cold winter day.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger photo.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Western Grebe Sitting on the Dock" (8)

  1. It’s almost 3 A.M! You are either up really late or your have this on auto post. Never seen a grebe before, gosh I wonder if they came in your yard because they were so hungry and looking for food? They look like a cross between a duck and a goose.

    • Hi Ginny, Yes, I was a night owl last night and posted quite early. No, I do not use an auto post. I think that the Grebe was just following the flock even though the flock was not a group of Grebes. I believe the fishing just off the dock was quite good for the Grebe as it used to be there quite often in quiet times of the day. I have not seen the Grebe since the lake froze. Have a super day today!

  2. You were fortunate to have them visit. They are usually a western bird. Good shots of them!

    • Hi Montucky, You have reflected my thoughts exactly. I sure get to see funny or unusual things here – the flock of American Coots is grazing on my front lawn at the moment. The Coots are eating corn from the squirrel chow and also perhaps digging for earthworms. So I get my lawn aerated and fertilized all in one fell swoop! Good thing I have not spent a lot on landscaping! : )
      Have a fabulously fun day today!

      • “aerated and fertilized”… I know what you mean. We have had that service performed by the turkeys this whole winter and should have very green grass next spring! (The deer have done their part too, out in the front.)

  3. Hi LInda, Are they back now that the lake has thawed???? I’m sure they are… Neat pictures!!!!

    We have oodles of birds at the feeders today –now that it is raining here.

    • Hi Betsy, The lake here is not really thawed out completely but has a layer of rainwater on top of the thinner layer of ice. The lake is very still and gives an illusion of being thawed. I think the lake will thaw out by the end of tomorrow. I have had a lot of songbirds here at the feeders plus a large flock of the American Coots on my front lawn. I also had that Red-Tailed Hawk come to one of my front yard trees briefly (Coots left and then returned when the coast was clear). Have a super nice day today & stay dry.

  4. You have such an amazing variety of birds on your lake!

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