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American Robins are coming around my yards a bit more often since the weather has turned milder.  I am so happy to see these beautiful grey-brown and orange birds with the distinctive white eye ring.  The American Robins usually eat on the ground and prefer to eat worms and insects.  The American Robins are usually good parents.  I know that several American Robins had nested in large trees down the street from my home this past Spring.  During the past couple of months I had not seen many American Robins at all here in my yard.  There are just slight differences in the coloring between the male and female American Robins.  The female is a slightly duller colored bird.   I took these photographs in my front yard yesterday morning (1/30/11).  The light was good and the bird cooperative.  The conditions were nice weather-wise, so I got some good pictures of this brilliantly orange bird that posed so sweetly for me! It is good that yesterday’s weather was so nice.  I woke up to grey skies today but mild temperatures.  It is likely to rain a bit today.  We also have a few visiting Sea Gulls here fishing this morning.  Interesting.    Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Portraits of an American Robin on a Sunny Winter Day" (10)

  1. Excellent photos of them! The first one especially, because it captures the attitude of the bird! Take care of them; perhaps some will be our visitors here starting about in late March.

  2. We saw alot of Robins around here too yesterday, Linda… Guess they think Spring is here… AND–the Chipmunks are out of hiding…. Mercy Me!!!!! AND–it’s only January.

    • Hi Betsy, Yes the Chipmunks did come out here as well. I was surprised to see the Chipmunks out as we had the Hawk here yesterday. No sign of major predators today – just seagulls! Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Hi – I’ve not seen a american robin before – they are lovely! Quite different from our robins – more swallow like body.

    • Hi Helen, Yes the American Robin is a bit different from your Robins in England. I do think these are quite swallow like in shape. Good observation! Have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks for your nice comments!

  4. Gosh, too early for the robins!! Not even Groundhog Day yet! Every year I usually write on the calendar which day I saw the first robin of spring.

    • Hi Ginny, Speaking of Groundhogs or Woodchucks as the locals here call them: I saw one today near one of the little lakes along a road. I was surprised to see that Groundhog but I guess he couldn’t wait until Feb. 2nd. Ha! Have a super evening!

  5. No danger of seeing either robins or woodchucks here today. LOL. robins are one of the first signs of spring here as well and hopefully will be showing up sometime in March.

    • Hi Kateri, Happy Groundhog Day! I saw quite a few birds this morning after the snow slowed a lot. We really only got a trace of snow here but it stayed below freezing all day. Have a great Thursday tomorrow and stay warm!

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