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The Greylag Goose is a permanent resident of this private 101 acre community lake.  I don’t know the history of this goose but it has lived here for at least 18 months.  I think this Greylag Goose is a domestic goose that likely either escaped from a local farm or was let loose here at the lake as an older gosling or very young adult goose.  She raised an adoptive brood of Canada Geese when the Canada Geese were just goslings themselves.  Somehow, the Canada Geese just imprinted on her and away the group all went.  Now that those Canada Geese are grown, they have left for other places.  I do see a few Canada Geese every few days but they tend to come and go.  We have several smaller lakes nearby.  At first, I thought that the Greylag was unable to fly.  I was surprised earlier this summer when lo and behold, the Greylag up and flew!  She does not prefer to fly but certainly can and does fly on occasion.  Recently I have seen the Greylag Goose paddling around with the always good-natured Mallard Ducks.  This Greylag basically hangs around with any water bird that will allow her presence.  Of course, she prefers the company of the Canada Geese when they are here.  I took these pictures yesterday and also two weeks ago (flight).  The pictures were all taken from my balcony and from my window.  As you can see, the Greylag is healthy and seems to be doing quite well.   Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "An Update on the Greylag Goose" (6)

  1. Does Miss Greylag ever come ashore to eat on or near your feeders? She obviously is the Queen of your Lake!!!!

    Beautiful pictures.

    • Hi Betsy, The answer is no, but she has come to nearby yards. I do not have any lawn in my backyard and the geese do not like stepping over mulch or leaves (they like the soft and oh so tasty Bermuda or Rye Grasses). Yes, she is the Royal Queen! : )
      Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine and warm (50’s F.) weather!

  2. What an interesting story. On clicking this to get a better look, I think I saw one of these a couple days ago and didn’t know what it was!!! Now I wished I had snapped it!! I am going back to get another look!!

  3. That’s a very smart goose! She has a good thing going at your lake and she’s wise to stay there.

    • Hi Montucky, She does have a good thing going. Our lake is a good home for all of the waterfowl – especially so in the less busy winter months. Have a wonderful Monday!

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