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Chipmunks Out and About

The Eastern Chipmunks here have occasionally come out during the slightly warmer weather we have every few days.  I have seen the Eastern Chipmunk on my front porch where it sometimes explores a cardboard box that has a chipmunk-friendly hole in it.  The Eastern Chipmunks eat grains, seeds, nuts, berries, and insects.  The Eastern Chipmunks are quite speedy.  The Eastern Chipmunks here need to be quick as to avoid the birds of prey such as the Bald Eagles, Red-Tail Hawks and the Mississippi Kites.  The Eastern Chipmunk is a very cute little rodent, indeed!  There are now three little chipmunks living in my backyard.  Because the weather is now warmer, the chipmunks have begun to come out of their underground homes much more often.  They are very entertaining to watch.   Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Chipmunks Out and About" (5)

  1. There is not much around that is cuter than chipmunks. Ours are out too and eating a lot of sunflower seeds, although I’ll bet they still have huge stores that they built up last summer.

  2. Yes, chipmunks are lightening fast! They dash and you blink and they are gone! Oh you are so lucky that they are coming on your porch, how cool!!!

  3. Those photos are great for being taken through a window or across the yard. I especially like the one with the fat cheeks. 🙂

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