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Brighter-Colored Goldfinches

The feather coloring of the male Goldfinches has day-by-day been getting brighter in recent weeks.  The male Goldfinches will become a very bright lemon yellow in color during the nesting season.  I have started to see the males become a stronger yellow and even the females are starting to brighten.  The female Goldfinches are not anywhere nearly as lemon yellow but will be a light mustard or olive yellow in color.  Goldfinches are very small birds that are just about the same size as the Sparrows and Juncos.  The Goldfinches love the feeders.  They enjoy Millet, Niger, and the smaller Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.  I have a few female Goldfinches that basically camp out perched on the front yard feeder.  I have seem these ladies sit for as long as 10 minutes!  I don’t know if this is just because the birds are basking in the sunshine, are tired and resting, or are being territorial and are claiming the feeder as “Theirs”.  I took these pictures from my windows on several days during the last couple of weeks.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Brighter-Colored Goldfinches" (5)

  1. They certainly do brighten up the place, don’t they! Besides their colors, I like their attitudes.

  2. Goldfinchs seem to be very sweet natured birds.

    • Hi Ginny, The Goldfinches are quite beautiful and seem to have a good-natured temperament. The Goldfinches pretty much get along with the other birds. They tend to fly with other finches and smaller birds. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  3. Very pretty. Ours haven’t started brightening up yet.

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