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Common Crows sometimes hang around my yards.  Now that the weather is warmer, the Crows have been out and about in my neighborhood more often.   I sometimes see these big black-colored birds searching on the ground for left-over bird food such as corn, sunflower seeds and nuts.  The Crows also tend to come and go in noisy mini flocks of three to six in number.  In addition to seeds, nuts and fruits, Common Crows will eat almost all types of meat and insects.  The Crows, like the buzzards or vultures are natures clean-up squad.  Yes, they are carrion eaters.  Not the most wonderful (to us) thought, but that  tendency to eat what is available, is a trait of these intelligent and highly social birds.  The Crows here don’t cause any trouble as far as I have experienced or heard.

Although the Crows are pretty noisy at times with all of the loud “Caw-caw-caw” calling between members of the flock or “Murder” of Crows (an old term for a group of Crows), this is nothing disruptive or unpleasant.  The Crows have very large nests that are high in the larger trees.  Some of these nests actually are as big and well-built as the ones built by the Grey Squirrels in the trees.  Once in a while, I have seen a group of the Crows chase a Hawk for the food the Hawk was carrying.  These chases also were possibly due to a territorial dispute.   All in all, it is interesting to see the Crows and I am glad they occasionally come to call.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Crows Enjoying the Warmer Weather" (9)

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog entry – I like crows myself. Clever birds!

  2. Those are excellent pictures of crows! I have found them very difficult to photograph. I discourage them from spending too much time in our little canyon because they will rob the nests of the smaller birds who hive here. I’m very glad to see them in the area however because they are, as you said, part of the clean-up squad. Sadly, there are many deer killed on the highway and railroad and the crows, several eagles, a host of magpies and an occasional coyote do take care of the remains.

  3. Hi Linda, Can you tell the difference in the nests of the squirrels and the nests of the crows????? I can’t–but I wonder which is which sometimes….

    I always think that the crows are chasing the hawks away from the little birds… At least, that is what I choose to believe. ha ha ….

    However, there were 3 big hawks circling our area on Sunday afternoon… There was not a crow or any bird in sight at that time.

    • Hi Betsy, Maybe the Hawks in your neighborhood were after Eastern Chipmunks, who knows? No, I don’t believe I can tell much difference between the nests of squirrels and the Crows but perhaps the nests of the squirrels may have more fur (but then, Crows do pick fur from carrion so that is hard to discern, isn’t it?). Have a great day and enjoy the warmer weather in spite of a few drops here and there.

  4. For quite a while this winter, it seemed like the crows were the only birds here. They are really really smart!

  5. Nice post on the White Breasted Nuthatch! I like watching them crawl all around the trees.

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