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House Finches are quite pretty.  These small birds have been coming to my bird feeders a lot more often in the past week. The males are sporting their bright salmon to coral-red feathering on their upper half of their body, neck, and head.  This red coloring is not solid but is fairly streaky and has an under-coat of brown feathers.  The female House Finch could easily be mistaken for a sparrow.  The female House Finch has the same shape as the male but lacks the distinctive salmon or coral-red on its head.  Both genders have a short wedge-shaped beak.  The House Finch likes to eat Millet, Niger, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds (Especially if shelled), and pieces of shelled peanuts and other small nuts.  House Finches will eat from the bird feeder or will browse on the ground where bird seed has been put out or has fallen from the feeders.  Several of my photographs show the House Finches eating seeds off the lawn and in the flower bed.  I have purposely put some bird food out on the ground just for the ground feeding birds.  The House Finches also like to fly, flit, and browse the taller native weeds and plants for seed.  In one of the pictures here, you can see a female House Finch standing next to an Eastern Bluebird and a Mourning Dove.  The House Finch is sociable and seems to get along with other birds.  I have really liked seeing these finches.  I took these pictures on 2/20/11 and 2/21/11 from my windows.  The weather this morning here is rainy but fairly warm with temps going to be in the low-to-mid 50’s F.   Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "House Finches in All Their Glory" (5)

  1. They are pretty little guys: we have some at our feeding station right now. After a very cold night here and about 7 inches of new snow I put out extra sunflower seeds for the birds this morning. The bright colors on the finches give them a bit of a festive appearance. That’s quite a shot of the finch, bluebird and dove all in one frame!

  2. Hi Montucky, Thank you! I think that you are doing a great thing putting out exrra sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds seem to be an almost universal favorite of the songbirds. Have an outstanding day!

  3. Nice shots of the House Finches. The male House Finch is pretty with his red coloring. Lately I have only being seeing two of them at my feeders.

  4. We have lots of them around here. It is true, they like to build their nests as close to the house as possible!

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