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Mourning Doves come and go in flocks of about six here.  They perch on the branches of the Oaks and Hickories and just coo away.  They are sweet-natured but very skittish birds.  There are predator birds such as the Cooper’s Hawk that have been around the neighborhood in the past few days, so the Mourning Doves are on the alert!  The Mourning Doves love the corn, nuts, and sunflower seeds that are out on the ground in several spots.  The Mourning Doves are basically ground-feeders.  As far as I can tell, both genders of the Mourning Doves look-alike, but the males are a little larger and have a pinkish-colored breast.  The Mourning Doves are good parents and usually have a nest of two eggs at a time.  The Mourning Doves usually nest in the spring and summers here in Cumberland County, Tennessee.   I am always happy to see the Mourning Doves here, and am turning into an avid birdwatcher!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photograph.  Enjoy!

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  1. We have lots of mourning doves around here, and they are not very shy, either. Some won’t get out of the road for the car. And if they couldn’t move their heads, they wouldn’t be able to walk! Makes me wonder how smart they are.

    • Hi Ginny, We have a Cooper’s Hawk that has come around three times in the last two days. Scares all of the birds off. I just saw an animal in the lake off the dock that I don’t think was a duck. I do think it may have been a River Otter or possibly a Muskrat. Who knows? If I see it in good light I will try to get a picture. So for now, it is “Nessie”! Ha! : )
      Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. great post on the mourning doves. they seem to be plentiful around here. Birdwatching is a lot of fun and I love seeing new birds.

  3. Oh My…. Hope the doves are really on the alert… As you said, the hawks LOVE Mourning Doves… Guess they are meatier than some of the other smaller ones…

    The rain today has been good for the yard/garden/plants/trees, etc… I love a nice, calm rain!!!!


  4. I love mouring doves and put out cracked corn to attract them. They are a game bird in Michigan. I can’t imagine there is much meat on them though.

    • Hi Kateri, Well, I don’t hunt but my late father used to do so and I have eaten dove. It is good and does “Taste like chicken”. I just hunt with my camera instead. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  5. We have the doves here in summer, and I look forward to their return. It’s so nice in an evening to listen to their haunting calls.

  6. lindell dillon said:

    Just ran across your blog and enjoyed it. I’m a birder and feed as well. Have 20 or so twice daily feeding on broadcast grain. I noticed a Cowbird feeding with them this morning. A sure sign of spring when the Cowbirds start birddogging the doves.

    I started a bluebird blog yesterday. Come by for a visit, http://bluebirddiary.wordpress.com/

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