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White-tailed Deer were out eating in several neighborhoods on the other side of the community where I live in Cumberland County, TN.  It is very rare that Deer come around my own neighborhood here on the lake.  I think I have heard of the Deer coming to the lake to drink on two occasions.  The last time the Deer were here was about a year ago.   That Deer sighting was down the street quite a ways away from my house.  Yesterday we went for a Sunday afternoon drive on a foggy and cold afternoon.  We saw a grand total of twelve White-tailed Deer.  All of the Deer were munching happily on grass, either on home lawns or on the edge of the road.  All of these Deer were  in the neighborhood that is located near a local golf course.  So, there was a lot of tasty tender Spring grass for the Deer to enjoy.  The largest herd of Deer we saw was a group of six individuals.  I was overjoyed to be able to see these White-tailed Deer and get the pictures yesterday.  By the way, hunting is not allowed here in the community proper.  We are fairly close to a wildlife management area where hunting is allowed though.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Look at Some White-tailed Deer" (7)

  1. It’s very interesting for me to see your photos of the White-tails. There are some differences in appearance between those and the ones we have here that I find intriguing, in particular the markings on the face and neck. Good photos! I love to see them in our yard, although not so much around our flowers!

  2. What great deer pictures!!! They seem to love golf courses. They must be very hungry to have come there.

    • Hi Ginny, I think that the deer like the well-fertilized tender sweet grass that grows on lawns and the golf courses. Sorta like deer candy I’ll bet. Enjoy the rest of the day and stay warm!

  3. I always enjoy seeing deer, except when they are on the roads. Great capture.

    • Hi Eileen, Thank you! Yes, it seems as though these deer had some prior practice at crossing the street. I think they are savvy about that skill. Yes they are sometimes a pain to have to wait for on the road and a worry about hitting them. Have a super day tomorrow!

  4. Your got some beautiful photos of the deer. I’m wondering how well the trees I am going to plant this spring are going to hold up to the many deer we have in the nieghborhood….

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