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A Wild Turkey Sighting

Two days ago when out for a Sunday drive in the hinterlands of our community here in Cumberland County, TN, I spotted a Wild Turkey.  The Turkey was just at the side of an infrequently travelled road where there were no houses at all.  The hen Turkey was just walking around in the brush in a thicket of Oaks.  Wild Turkeys are not often seen here in my community but I have seen them on three occasions in the past two years.  Wild Turkeys eat grains, seeds, berries, acorns, some insects, and surprisingly, salamanders.  I was not aware the Turkeys ate salamanders until I checked out the article on Wild Turkeys on the Tennessee’s Watchable Wildlife Internet site.  That fact about Turkeys eating salamanders is an interesting fact.  Not that there are many salamanders in my area for the giant birds to eat.  This hen Turkey is typical of the coloring and look of female Wild Turkeys.  The males are slightly larger and have a larger blue head, a hanging wattle of skin and a feathered beard.  I took the pictures from my car window on 3-27-11 in the mid-afternoon.   Unfortunately there was a lot of grass and brush in the way  that partially obscured the view of the Turkey.  Please click on the thumbnail version to see the larger photo. Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Wild Turkey Sighting" (6)

  1. It’s so good to see them, isn’t it! After so many years here when there were hardly any around, we now have a large population again and it’s so nice to know they are doing well.

  2. I remember when they were re-introduced in upstate New York where I grew up. It was pretty amazing to have these giant wild birds in the fields. Now they are very common there, and also very common here in Michigan.

    • Hi Kateri, The Wild Turkeys are interesting birds. We had them in parts of CA, too. They are not very common in most of CA due to urbanization. I was really happy to have seen them here in my TN area.

  3. Salamanders? Who knew?? We have many wild turkeys here, we live next to Rockingham County, which has a giant turkey statue as you enter, they are the turkey capitol. Still, we never see any, they are extremly cagey, so you were very lucky!!

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