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We seldom see the medium-sized Brown Thrasher bird here in my yards.  This is the third Brown Thrasher to have come around in the last two years.  The Brown Thrasher is a musical bird with the males doing a lot of the singing.  The male becomes a songster during courtship in the late spring.  The Brown Thrashers eat insects with an alternative diet of berries, nuts and seeds at times.  Most Brown Thrashers eat a lot of insects during the nesting season when having a diet of protein is important to them.  As I observed the bird, it looked all around and seemed keenly interested in the tiny ants and other very small insects and bugs.  The bird was hunting in an area where I had been putting bird seed on the ground, which likely attracted those tasty insects.  I am fascinated by these interesting and beautiful light cinnamon rust colored birds.  They have long legs.  Their chest is buff colored with the same cinnamon rust colored spots and streaks.  I was glad to take these pictures from my window on April 10, 2011 in the late morning.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "A Brown Thrasher Hunting for Bugs" (14)

  1. They have ‘mockingbird’ written all over their body language and eyes, but I love their rich russet color!

  2. Hi Linda, Have the Brown Thrashers come to your feeders yet???? Ours do.. They like suet –but will eat sunflower seeds.

    Two years ago, The Thrashers had a nest in our Confederate Jasmine bush in front… They didn’t like us to get near that area. They had a wicked ‘chip’ sound… We ‘tried’ to leave them alone–but it’s hard not to use that sidewalk beside the Jasmine. Last year, they didn’t return to that bush.


    • Hi Betsy, What an interesting story about your Brown Thrashers. No I have not seen them at the feeder just on the ground. I have a new very low tray feeder that is not visible from the windows so maybe they are eating there. I will try to look sometime from the street to see if I can spot them. Glad we did not have any severe storms last night, just a whole lot of rain and booming going on. Have a wonderful day!

  3. I’ve only ever seen one once! And they can be hard to tell from the brown thrush, which I believe is the nightingale!

  4. The brown thrashers are cool birds. I would love to see them in my yard too. Wonderful photos.

  5. What an interesting and very pretty bird! Your photos of it are excellent! I’ve never seen one, but I remember its cousin the Mockingbird from when we lived in Arizona. I think their range comes just a little short of this area.

    • Hi Montucky, Yes I don’t this the Brown Thrasher is a Western US bird. I used to see a lot of Mockingbirds when I lived in Southern CA and in Texas but only a single one here in TN. The Thrasher is similar to the Mockingbird in its character, I think. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  6. I didn’t know that brown thrashers are related to mockingbirds. That is very interesting. It has been a long time since I have seen a brown thrasher.

  7. I’m watching a male Thrasher pecking the heck out of a suet cake just now! He also lands on my offering of blue bird nuggets just outside my kitchen window (Central Virginia)They act very much like their first cousins, the Mockingbirds!. I

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