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It’s “Duck dash” season here on the lake.  Due to the recent warmer temperatures, we had a lot more pontoon and bass boats out on the lake.  The ducks have been flying to get out-of-the-way of the on-coming watercraft.  I occasionally startle the ducks when they are browsing for bugs and bird seed in my shoreline backyard.  The ducks have also been chasing each other more.  The drakes have been territorial and are vying for the bachelorette.  Additionally the duck couples have, well, been courting.  All of this recent chase and short distance flying has been much slower than normal.   Ducks on move are usually super swift.  The slower flight makes it a lot easier to get some photographs of the ducks on the wing.  I have pictures of several Mallards, and Wood Ducks that I have taken here on the lake within the last two weeks.   The Wood Duck male or drake, is the vividly-colored duck.  The Wood Duck female or hen, is the brown duck with that distinctive white almond-shaped eye ring.  The Mallard drake has the emerald-green head and the Mallard hen is a light tan with brown streaks and a blue patch on the wings seen in flight.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "The Ducks are Doing the Dash!" (10)

  1. i love the mallard couple shot. lovely! we have 2 pair of wood ducks visiting our pond so far this spring. we put out scratch feed at the water’s edge so they will sneak up to get it if things are quiet enough. 🙂

    • Hi Texwisgirl, The Wood Ducks here are quite shy but they too, do come up into the yards when they think nobody is home or will be outdoors. So glad you have the Wood Ducks as well. Have a great afternoon!

  2. It’s really nice to see them in flight! I know what you mean by their speed on longer flights: tough to get a shot!

  3. Sweet pictures today. Ducks are so interesting. There aren’t a lot of wood ducks around here, but i love watching them when there are – they are so pretty!

    • Hi Song of the Wolf, Thanks so much! I enjoy seeing the ducks here on the lake. They are now getting a lot bolder about coming up on the undamaged sections of the dock and into the yard. They try to sneak up and get alarmed at the sound of the sliding glass doors. Ha! Have a wonderful day today!

  4. You really excel at flight photography! Yes, the ducks around here are fghting and courting! Didn’t know that makes them fly slower, though.

    • Hi Ginny, Yes, I just have anecdotally included that about the ducks being slower in their flight. I have seen where the ducks are concentrating on short-hop flights of several yards or just a few hundred feet. I think the ducks just go slower when needing to land sooner. I enjoy taking pictures of flying waterfowl. The larger the bird, the easier it is to take the picture of the bird flying. Have a wonderful day today!

  5. Great pictures taken during flight, Linda. I struggle getting good bird pictures while they are in flight. You did well….

    I have been on a pontoon boat (several years ago) on your lake. We rented one (the family) and spent a couple of hours riding around the lake and seeing all of the gorgeous homes.


  6. Hi Betsy, Thanks! Glad you enjoy the area as I do. I have been seeing just the Mallards, Wood Ducks, Coots, and the Canada Geese now. Lots of songbirds here today, too! Have an excellent Thursday tomorrow!

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