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The Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbirds are lovely birds that are medium-sized.  The Kingbirds eat a lot of insects and behave much like the flycatchers, Eastern Phoebe’s and the Eastern Wood PeWee.  The Eastern Kingbird in fact, looks a tiny bit like the Phoebe but it has a lighter chest, under wings, and the tips of the tail are white.  The back, head and tops of the wings are a grey-brown color.  The bird is intelligent-looking and is fascinating to watch.  It is an acrobat similar to the Chickadees.  The bird seems sweet and social.  I only see these birds here in Spring and Summer.  I was happy to see the Eastern Kingbird return to my backyard and the lake area.  By the way,  the Eastern Kingbird pictured at bottom left, was perched in the branches of the fallen Oak that is still on my smashed dock (insurance adjuster is coming out on Thursday).  I thought it funny but natural that the birds would perch in the fallen horizontal limbs.  I took these pictures from my deck on April 9, 2011 and April 17, 2011. Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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  1. they’re wonderful little birds! flocks of them will gather along our pond and swoop and dip into the pond time and again – not sure if they’re sipping water or catching bugs or tiny fish… they’re neat to watch!

    • Hi Texwisgirl, I think that the Kingbirds are probably catching flies. They love to fly over and around the water here. Glad you have them at your place there in TX as well. Have a fabulous day!

  2. That’s one I’ve seen. They are beautiful birds! You have an incredibly number of different species visiting there!

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, we have a large variety of different animals, fish, birds, and waterfowl – and for the last few days, flying insects! Glad for the flycatching birds. Have a super nice day!

  3. You are very good at identifying birds. I have never seen a kingbird, I wonder why they call it that??

    • Hi Ginny, Gee, I do not know why the bird is called the name it has. I will have to do a bit of research. I did read on the TN Watchable Wildlife website that the Eastern Kingbirds winter in South America! Imagine the long migration back to the United States each Spring and to S.America in Fall. Whew! Have a wonderful day today!

  4. Hi Linda, I’ve never seen an Eastern Kingbird (except in photos).. Glad you got to see it –and get some good pictures…Thanks!!!

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