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American Robins are frequently seen browsing for insects on lawns in my neighborhood during the Spring and Summer months.  The American Robin is a type of Thrush bird and not a true Robin.  The American Robin has a brown head and back with a dark orange chest and throat.  The American Robin also has a pointed yellow bill.  The Robin eats insects, especially enjoying earthworms and lawn grubs.  The Robins mostly walk around when hunting.  They have good eyesight and can sense when insects are near.  The American Robins nest in my neighborhood in larger trees.  They are wonderful parents.  They also are melodic singers.  A great way to tell at a distance if a bird is an American Robin is to check for the distinctive white eye ring markings that all have.  I am pleased when I see these birds here in my yards!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Red Robins Strolling Along" (8)

  1. lucky you to get them thru the summer. they pass thru here in spring and fall for about a week or two… 🙂

  2. I look forward to the return of the robins each spring. One other way to tell them from a distance is this. They run kind of bent over, then straighten up when they stop.

    • Hi Ginny, Thank you for letting us know that about another way to tell if the bird is an American Robin or not. Interesting. Have a good evening tonight and a pleasant day tomorrow!

  3. Your title reminded me of “When the Red, Red Robins keep bob, bob, bobbin’ along!!!!! ha

    We still have a couple of adult Robins coming to the suet feeders–but no signs of a little one YET.


    • Hi Betsy, Well, yes, that was the inspiration for the title. I had few birds here the last two days due to the weather and ongoing construction in my neighborhood. For whatever reason, my yards have had loads of birds today. I am happy for the visitor birds! Have a great day and enjoy the holiday activities.

  4. I’ve always loved Robins: they are very welcome here. Often in summer we will put sprinklers out on the lawns to help them find worms and have a good drink. I especially enjoy their evening calls, and the special calls they use to proclaim an impending rain.

    • Hi Montucky, Wow, that is interesting. I had not made an association about the special rain call. Thanks for mentioning it. I’ll be looking out for those sounds. Have a great day!

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