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Yesterday it was a windy and cooler day.  We had thunderstorms on a hot and breezy Sunday so the cooler weather on Monday was just fine.  The birds around here are a lot less active due to nesting, the weather, lake activity, construction in the neighborhood, and for some, molting has begun.  It also is harder to catch sight of the birds because of all the lush leaves on our big trees.  I was out taking pictures from the deck and the basement windows to capture a few shots of the birds and ducks and geese that visited.  A Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker was hunting for bugs in the next door neighbor’s backyard lawn.  The Brown Thrasher came to hunt bugs in the branches of a fallen tree next door at the border between out yards.

I also had the younger Pileated Woodpecker visit.  That Pileated Woodpecker is quite shy and often will fly off at the sight of me (he is not like that other one that used to visit and allowed me to be around it).  Mr. and Mrs. Mallard came several times to hunt up some tasty bird seed as well as bugs from the ground.   We have several small fly catchers such as the tiny Eastern Pewee and the lovely little Phoebe.  I also had Canada Geese with goslings and several Goldfinches and Mourning Doves here but I can’t include all of those pictures here today.  All of these birds are interesting and very welcome in the yard.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

A Pair of Mallard Ducks

Brown Thrasher

Male Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker

Male Northern Cardinal with Female House Finch

Eastern Phoebe

Comments on: "Backyard Birds (and ducks, too) on a Sunny June Day" (6)

  1. you got a great phoebe shot! mine are so shy they flit away before i can get a good view. 🙂 love your pileated and flickers too!

    • Hi Texwisgirl, Thank you so much! I think I had to pick and choose which pictures to include as I had a banner day of wildlife visitors here yesterday. Have a great day!

  2. I’ve never seen a phoebe. Those thrashers are very secretive and don’t seem to come out much, but hide in the brush and trees.

  3. I love that phoebe shot! You had a nice procession of birds!

    • Hi Montucky, Thank you so much! I like it too. I have had a nice couple of days of great bird watching here! Have a fabulous Wednesday tomorrow!

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