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Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker

I have been having daily visits from at least one variety of the woodpeckers and am enjoying watching the action.  I have been seeing a female Downy Woodpecker and also have recently spotted  a male Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker.  Of course the gem-like ruby coloring of the Red-headed Woodpecker is wonderful.  I also have fun watching the Pileated Woodpecker with its brilliant red crest of feathers on its head.  The Red-bellied Woodpecker almost is hyperactive.  It flits from branch to branch and up the trunk of the big Oak, Hickory, and Walnut trees in my yards.  I have not been seeing any Hairy Woodpeckers or the little Yellow-bellied Sap Sucker here in recent weeks.  In fact, it has been about a year since I have last seen a Hairy Woodpecker.  All in all, these are welcomed guests in my front and back yards.  I took these pictures from my windows and deck during the first two weeks of June, 2011.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.

Male Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker

Red-headed Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

Male Red-bellied Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

Comments on: "A June Gallery of Woodpeckers" (6)

  1. love the flickers. 🙂

    • Hi Texwisgirl, The Flickers have been hunting for bugs in my front lawn and in my next door neighbor’s lawns. I believe they are most active after thunderstorms when the worms and grubs are up and out. We also may be having a 17 year Cicada hatch soon as these insects were out in nearby Cookeville, TN a few days ago. Have a great day!

  2. Such wonderful woodpecker variety!

    • Hi Ginny, Somehow someway my blog service thought this was the dreaded spam and that was the place it was found and rescued by me. I like and appreciate your great comments. Have a super nice Tuesday!

  3. Hmmm, i don’t see my comment here, so I’ll try again! You have wonderful woodpecker variety!!

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