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The Grey Squirrels are so very cute but at times, they do cause mischief!  My squirrels love to dig in my planters.  They love the soft potting mix soil.  The pictures show squirrels in my yards doing what squirrels tend to do out of curiosity, natural instinct, and expediency.  The squirrel highway or as we know it, telephone and electric wires are often used now by the critters.  I have noticed that I am really only seeing my own resident squirrels and not squirrels from all over.  I have cut way back on the amount of food I put out on the ground.  It is high time for the squirrels to gather the natural foods for their larders.  As can be seen here, squirrels are persistent and try to defeat many types of “squirrel resistant” bird feeder system.  I took these pictures in the first few days of July, 2011 from my windows and deck.  One does have to chuckle at some of these shots.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.

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  1. oh, the one in the flower box is my favorite! love your little white-tummied variety. 🙂

  2. The longer I have been birding, the MORE I don’t like squirrels –at all… Guess I’ve lost my sympathy for them (since they do dig up our spring bulbs, and eat the rhododendron buds—along with all of the mess they cause at the bird feeders). I have never posted a picture of a squirrel in my yard –nor a chipmunk, and probably never will. Guess I’m just an ole’ meanie!!!!


    • Hi Betsy, So you are like the late actor W.C. Fields was about kids: “Go away kid, you bother me”. Ha! Yes, squirrels and the various tunnel-dweller rodents are occasionally destructive in our gardens and yards. I have put up the new bird feeder and got a slightly different model from the one I have just put up in the front yard. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the rain. Have a very enjoyable day tomorrow. Love your blog posts on Nat. Parks by the way.

  3. Causing trouble as usual!!! But they are clever!

  4. They are so cute though! Our chipmunks are like that, cute and always in some kind of trouble. The top photo is outstanding!

  5. Gray sqirrels are our most common squirrel around here and are so much fun to watch. We don’t have any where near the amount out here in the country as we did when we lived in town though. When there are too many of them, they do become such a pain!

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