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Carolina Wrens

The Carolina Wrens have been mostly active in my front yard but occasionally they will visit my backyard feeder.  The pair that had built several nests in my planters may be still around as I saw a pair flit from hanging plant (now dry and nearly dead plant) to hanging plant on my  front porch this morning.  I have not yet taken a look at the planters for signs of eggs or a family. I have refrained from watering these plants due to the nests that they have in them.   I think that a pair of these cinnamon and buff brown birds did raise at least one brood earlier this June.  The Carolina Wrens love living right up close to houses.  They are fond of eating insects and spiders.  These Carolina Wrens are great singers and are very melodic but a little louder than many other birds.  It surprises me that such a loud sound can come from such a tiny bird!  I took these pictures on several days in the last couple of weeks.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Carolina Wrens" (8)

  1. they are so beautiful, and SO fast-moving! great job getting shots of them!

  2. Yes—those little birds can really sing!!!!! They are such sweet little birds –and LOVE to be in our garage….

    Great pictures, Linda.

    • Hi Betsy, Yes, I have also had these little guys and gals in the garage – fortunately these are easy to shoo outside. Have a super good evening and stay cool!

  3. It’s hard for me to tell them from a regular house wren! Maybe you will have baby pictures shortlyl!!

  4. Those are pretty, perky little things! We have a wren in residence, but I haven’t been able to tell which one it is. It’s pretty shy.

  5. They are cute little birds. I miss seeing them this year in my yard. I think the house wrens have chased them away. I enjoyed your photos.

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