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A family of three Pileated Woodpeckers actually came to the backyard trees yesterday, but the parent birds flew away just as soon as they heard the door open.  The juvenile Pileated looks like a three-quarter-sized adult with a slightly thinner and smaller red top-knot “Mohawk” crest on its head.  I actually saw one of the parent birds feed this juvenile some of the suet I have in the backyard feeder. I could not get a picture of the event because my big lens was not focusing correctly (on automatic setting with moving, busy background and rainy day weather).  The suet feeder is especially designed for use by woodpeckers.  I also have a peanut and fruit flavored suet in that feeder at the moment.  Insect eating birds really seem to go for this particular suet flavor.

The Juvenile and at least one of the parent birds (genders look-alike) came twice yesterday.  I think that because the Thirteen Year Brood of Cicada have emerged in recent days, the population of woodpeckers and most insect-eating birds has become concentrated in my area.  Yesterday I saw a Red-bellied, a Red-headed, two Hairy, and the three Pileated Woodpeckers!  Imagine!  But then, it was a rainy day so that may also account for the big convention.  Just kidding but I did see all of these here at various times during the day.

Comments on: "A Juvenile Pileated Woodpecker Comes to Visit" (10)

  1. what a beautiful red top-knot!!! he’s very handsome!

    • Hi Texwisgirl, That is the one thing about juvenile birds – they usually look great when their adult feathers come in. Lots of woodpeckers here today – four different species. Have a wonderful day today!

  2. He is so cute!!! Rather pudgy and shorter than the adults! What a special treat! First time I’ve ever seen a really young one, I think he’s prettier than the grown ones.

  3. Sounds like a great woodpecker day at your house. Wonder if the 3 Pileated Woodpeckers who visited you were the same ones who have been in my back yard.. Probably not!!!!!


    • Hi Betsy, Well, I think that it would be a longer distance visit since I’m across the community from you but still, I did wonder myself! We got 1-3/4″ of rain last night here. We were just entertained by the annual boat regatta which was (to me) ironically themed “Westward-ho”. Did not participate since my boat still needs work from having been smashed up by that fallen tree. Oh well, maybe next year. Loads of woodpeckers here today, too. Have a wonderful day today!

  4. What amazing birds! I recently saw one in the woods and was impressed by the amount of bark they can send flying.

    I’ve linked your blog at mine- I always enjoy your photographs, wildlifewatcher!

    • Hi Watching Seasons, Thanks a bunch! So glad you liked it. I am very happy to have all of these woodpeckers, birds, ducks, geese, squirrels (well, sometimes), chipmunks and so forth here in the yard and on the lake. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for linking.

  5. It’s so nice that you get to see them often! The few times that one has visited here were real treats!

  6. How cool to see a Pileated in your yard and then to see the juvie too. That is just so neat. I wish I was there to see them too.

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