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I have taken very few new pictures of wildlife in the past week as our dock is being rebuilt and the critters are staying away from this construction zone.  So here are several different views of a Red-headed Woodpecker that came to call just this morning.  These woodpeckers are here in my neighborhood from mid-Spring through August it seems.  Some do stay in our community all year long but I have not seen any Red-headed Woodpeckers in this neighborhood other than in the Spring and Summer months.  These beautiful insect-eating birds also enjoy seeds, nuts, berries, and certain fruits.  Many Red-headed Woodpeckers do enjoy eating suet from the feeder.  This particular tree has been a favorite of many woodpeckers all Summer long.  I so enjoy having these ruby-red heads here.  Please click on the thumbnail image and, as ever, enjoy!

Comments on: "A Red-headed Woodpecker in the Tree" (11)

  1. dapper fellows…

    • Hi Texwisgirl, I was so very happy in that I just saw a bunch of birds here this morning. It is a welcome relief since I had a week of nearly no birds at all in the yards. Yes, this Red-headed beauty is dapper. Have an excellent day today and stay cool!

  2. He is very pretty!

    • Hi Ginny, Yes they are exquisite birds! I saw a juvenile with the parent bird this morning and will post the pictures soon. I have seen the Red-headed Woodpeckers here four times today! Have a wonderful day!

  3. My favorite woodpecker (besides the Pileated)… We have a male and a little one coming to our feeders frequently now. SO gorgeous!!!!! Tonight, I saw a Daddy Cardinal feeding another baby on our deck. He was a really young one –since he was shaking all over… Think the Cardinals have had several broods this year.

    • Hi Betsy, Happily, progress is being made on our dock. I am jealous that you get to see so many baby birds. I have not had baby Northern Cardinals here but have seen some in a distant neighbor’s yard last year. Today was above normal for bird sightings in the past couple of weeks (dock work). Have a fabulous day tomorrow!

  4. They sure are pretty birds! Isn’t it interesting that certain trees seem to attract the woodpeckers. I’ve noticed that here too. And other similar-looking trees have only an occasional visit.

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, it seems to work out that way. The one living tree that captures all of the woodpecker attention, has most of its leaves at the crown with a long long stretch of trunk. Have a really special Saturday tomorrow!

  5. They are beautiful woodpeckers, great sighting and photos.

  6. I love your redheaded woodpeckers!

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