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Yesterday morning at around 6:45 AM, I heard the unmistakable call of the Pileated Woodpecker.  I poked my head outside and had a look and yes, there was an older juvenile Pileated Woodpecker in the old dead Oak next to the suet feeder.  The bird kept up its calling and I looked at the suet feeder.  Sure enough, there was a Grey Squirrel up on the feeder furtively snatching suet as fast as it could.  The bird looked terribly confused as to what to do about this unexpected intruder.  It just was very flustered.  It spread its big wings and made a great deal of noise.  I intervened and shooed the squirrel away.  The juvenile Pileated immediately flew the short distance over to the feeder and began to eat.  All was well.  I was glad to help out but the bird just will eventually manage on its own.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!  P.S.  No, I did not feel the VA based earthquake this afternoon.  One of my friends in MA, did, though.  – Wildlifewatcher


Comments on: "The Juvenile Pileated Woodpecker and the Grey Squirrel" (12)

  1. oh, the shot of the wing stretch and the headress all on alert is great!

    • Hi Texwisgirl, I also like those pictures a lot. The whole episode lasted just a few minutes. I just know the this older juvenile has been on its own now for just a few weeks without parental assistance. It is learning the lay of the land. Have a super good day and thanks for your great comments here!

  2. What a story!!! I have never heard the call of one, and you got some fantastic pictures!

    • Hi Ginny, Yes, It is an interesting little happening in the yard! I hope your area did not have any problem with today’s quake. I did not feel it at all here. Have a good evening and hopefully, an uneventful one (disaster-wise that is).

  3. How cool, to have the Pileated visit your feeders. I see them here in the woods but not at my feeders. Love the story and the photos. BTW, I felt the earthquake while I was at work in Baltimore City.

    • Hi Eileen, Glad you weathered that quake well. I am hoping your area will not be terribly affected by the coming hurricane/tropical storm that may or may not be around your area. I love seeing the woodpeckers here! It’s nice you also have them in the woods in your region. Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!

  4. I love the shot with the wings extended! That’s a pretty awesome wingspread! Later, that by itself ought to bluff the squirrels.

  5. Glad you ‘shooed’ the old squirrel away.. I’m sure the Pileated thanked you!!!!!

    • Hi Betsy, I am also glad I helped the bird out. I want to discourage the squirrels from getting on the feeders – a mighty hard task! Have a great day tomorrow. I had to water the yard tonight and also will likely do so again tomorrow. I am hoping for rain.

  6. Love the pictures. We have a pileated that is helping us to get rid of an old stump in the yard. They are fun to watch. I love the shot of the wing span.

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