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Mallard Ducks have been about the only waterfowl I have seen on the lake here in the three days I have been back at home after my recent trip.  The Mallard flock seems to be right at about twenty but the birds are spread out along the lake in smaller groupings.  This bunch of ducks is much more chatty and seem to quack a lot more than other flocks of ducks I have seen here.  The groups I have photographed seem to cruise by my yard at about 5:00 PM with regularity.  The one group was paddling slowly and circled around as they preened and bathed and drank.  It was great to see and hear the gregarious ducks!  I took these pictures from my deck but did not use my long lens.  Soon I will be getting my bird feeders back up and will be seeing more birds and other wildlife.  We have been having dock work so the animals are not around as much as in previous times.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Everything’s Just Ducky Here at Home on the Lake" (4)

  1. love that you’ve got these flocks to amuse you! i’m hoping we get some returnees for the fall/winter soon…

  2. I see mallards quite often. In the parks around here they are pretty friendly. Such pretty birds.

  3. It’s good to see them and that you have a protected place for them. We have ducks again on the river as they pass through here heading south, but they are being hunted just upriver and stop along the river below our house to get away from the hunting.

  4. The mallards seem to be pretty common ducks areound here. Kind of like the Canada Geese, they are everywhere.

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