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Since not much is happening on the wildlife front here at home on the lake yet, I will go back several days to my recent trip and show pictures I took in Oklahoma of a Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker woodpecker in flight.  I  saw the Flicker perched on a tree, and when the bird took off, I snapped the pictures.  This is the first time I have taken photographs of a Flicker in flight in many months.  I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the bird.  It is a female.  I am hopeful that when the cold wind dies down in a few days, the wildlife will be back out and visible here on the lake.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture. P.S.  Sorry for how late this got posted – I usually will post in the morning.

Comments on: "Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker in Flight" (10)

  1. truly shows off the yellow underwing! nice!

  2. Good pictures, it’s hard to capture them flying with that beautiful yellow underneath.

  3. Wow, love these flight photos.

  4. I love seeing them in flight. A few days ago we were visited by about a dozen juvenile flickers and they acted as though they were crazy! One even managed to get into our wood stove chimney. We opened all of our doors and when I opened the door to the stove he flew out like a shot and straight out the nearest door, unharmed (and since I just cleaned the chimney, perfectly clean).

  5. Wonderful shots of the birds in flight … great catch!

  6. The flickers are cool birds! The yellow looks so colorful when they are in flight! Great sightings and photos.

  7. Flickers are such interesting birds, they sort of go their own way in the woodpecker world. Always enjoy seeing them 🙂

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