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I was looking out over the lake yesterday late in the afternoon when I spotted a flock of Vultures soaring over the opposite shoreline of the lake.  At times, weather conditions are good for the larger birds to just fly and soar around on updrafts.  Of course, the other possibility is that the flock was around to do what nature intended for buzzards to do – cleanup work.  It was interesting to see eight or so big-winged birds together in the sky over the lake.  This is the first time I have seen Turkey vultures in this neighborhood.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Flock of Turkey Vultures Soars Overhead" (8)

  1. they’ve been gathering here too. the fall currents surely bring them together.

  2. We have quite a few of them around here, some have red heads and some don’t. Are you using Blogger’s new Dynamic View? I have seen someone else that has it, too. How do you like it? It’s funny, the Dynamic View shows up on my iPad, but not my laptop.

    • Hi Ginny, To answer your fine question – no, I use WordPress and am quite happy with that free service. I have used WordPress for the entire almost two years that I’ve been blogging and love it! Have a super great evening and a fantastic coming weekend!

  3. The cleanup crew is always interesting to watch when they are soaring!

  4. We have lots of them here–the redheaded kind. I’ve never been able to get a decent photo, though.

  5. I like seeing the vultures soaring, they are neat to watch. The vultures are another bird that migrates. Some do stay here year round though. Great shots.

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