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The Coots are Back!

It is the time of year when many birds are migrating to their Winter homes.  I am always happy to see the return of the American Coots.  Coots are medium-sized water birds that resemble a cross between a duck and a chicken.  They love to dive for lake weeds and also eat seeds and grass.  The Coots are black with a white beak.  The Coots have large webbed, clawed feet.  The Coots also are great at flying.  They tend to be social and not terribly afraid of people.  Their chief predator is the Bald Eagle.  I only saw a pair of the Coots but those two were likely “Scouts” who fly ahead of the main flock to find safe and suitable lakes to land on.  The Coots are here in Cumberland County, TN from about late October through early April.

I have recently made a move from my lake home to a nearby small plot of land that also is near fresh water.  My new home has wildlife which I will take pictures of.  Additionally I will be having a large vegetable garden here at my new property next Spring and Summer.  I will occasionally be talking gardening on my posts but the focus will again mainly be wildlife watching.  Today’s post reflects pictures I took a few days ago on at the lake front home (as will several in coming days).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!  Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. oh, dear wildlifewatcher, i do hope you are excited to have your new home and land. i can imagine you may miss your lakeside living, but hope the new home will be ultimately satisfying for you.

    • Hi Texwisgirl, Thanks! We will be enjoying a pond that though we do not own, we do share. We also can grow a huge garden and have fruit trees. I like a sunny spot and the bonus is few leaves to rake! Yes, I will miss the gorgeous lake view but the views here are nice, too. I’ll be sharing pictures soon. Have a fun evening and a nice day tomorrow!

  2. I hope you really enjoy your new place and I’ll look forward to your sightings and photos from there! That vegetable garden will be a great thing for you!

    • Hi Montucky, Oh yes, I will be loving growing a good big garden next Spring and Summer. I have plans to plant a few fruit trees here, too. We do have visiting waterfowl on the pond and neighborhood lakes here at the new home. Have a great evening and a fantastic coming week!

  3. Hi, I hope you enjoy your new home! If you new place is near water and wildlife I think you will be happy. I love the coots and I am looking forward to seeing more from your new place.

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks so much! Yes, the wildlife is here and the views are pleasant. The bonus is a sunny cleared patch of nice deep soil where I can have a good-sized vegetable garden and a few fruit trees. The old place was wonderful but highly shaded, rocky and sloped. Have a super nice Tuesday and coming week!

  4. Excited to hear about your move. Hope you get settled in nicely. The prepared space ready for the garden sounds wonderful! Looking foward to your photos from your new place.

    • Hi Kateri, I am just very thrilled to have made this move. I will be blogging on topics concerning wildlife plus the garden to be. Have a really good Tuesday tomorrow and an extra-nice coming week!

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