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I returned home from an errand in town to find a small flock of Kildeer and some European Starlings in what will become the vegetable garden spot next Spring.  I purchased the property with the space already roto-tilled,  so the birds must think that this bare ground is very interesting.  I’ll bet that there are many tasty worms there for the taking.  When the flock spotted me, well, off they flew!

Kildeer are shore birds that also happily live in pastures.  I have plenty of pasture as do my neighbors here. The Kildeer are known for distracting intruding animals and people away from their nesting area by pretending to be injured.  The intruder follows what they think is a wounded bird, far enough away from the nesting site, and then, surprisingly, the Kildeer flies off!  A handy pretense.

I snapped these few shots late in the afternoon yesterday.  It has been cooler, cloudy, and very windy here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Flock of Kildeer Birds in the Future Garden Space" (6)

  1. oh, i hope you will get some nesters next year! i’m so excited for you with this new place. 🙂

  2. That’s another bird I really like but don’t get to see very often here. They like a little larger valley than this one.

  3. Growing up we always had a killdeer nest somewhere in the garden each spring. Pretty cool that the garden was already started when you bought the property. That is a good deal of the work already done.

    • Hi Kateri, So glad you like Kildeer. Yes, the garden space was pre-tilled and that is a nice thing. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks for your always appreciated nice comments here!

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