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Pond Geese

The  small flock of Canada Geese here on the pond seem to come and go a lot.  I took these pictures last week when the weather was cold and dreary.  I have not seen the geese here since.  I think that they are happily paddling around the nearby small private community lake just down from the road.  The geese here love to munch on the grass and the pond weeds.  Canada Geese are vegetarians.  The flock seems content and does not have problems with the herd of cattle that live on the opposite shoreline from me.  About the only things that cause the geese to panic are the presence of that Great Blue Heron and the only occasional visits by hawks and other large birds here.  I was quite happy to take these pictures in my yard of the pond geese.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!  P.S. Yes, I added “snowfall” to the blog for the holidays.  I hope you like it (If not, please let me know).

Comments on: "Pond Geese" (4)

  1. i heard/saw my first flock of migrating geese this morning as i was out at the barn! i was thrilled!

    wonder why the geese don’t like the heron. 🙂

  2. Hi Texwisgirl, Nifty to see the flying flock of geese! I am not sure why the geese are wary of the heron but it seems to me that the geese totally avoid that big bird – could just be this one group, who knows? Have a super good day today!

  3. You seem to be in a very good location to see winter waterfowl! I’ve always found geese interesting to watch.

  4. I wouldn’t think a heron would bother geese at all. But who knows what they are thinking. We hav been seeing some big flocks of geese coming and going. Nice post and photos.

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