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We were driving down the street about a half-block from our driveway when out trotted three White-tailed does.  The does are the female deer.  It is now deer season for hunting here in this county so I am sure that the deer are happy that they were on a street and in a neighborhood where hunting is not allowed  (nearby areas do have hunting on private land).  The deer here have lots of places to hide in thickets and woods.  These does were so pretty!  This is the second time I have seen deer close to our new home.  In fact, when we were looking at the place before buying it, we were told that the reason why the top rail in two small areas of the wood fence were down, was due to deer jumping over the fence to get to the garden.  So, I am sure we will need to additionally fence our garden plot next Spring.  I took these pictures from inside the car on Dec. 13, 2011.  The shots are hazy since I had to take the pictures through the closed windows and did so in a big hurry.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "White-Tailed Deer Crossing the Street" (9)

  1. they’re so beautiful! yes, i’m sure you’ll be cursing their presence when you plant!

    • Hi Texwisgirl, The repellants sound disgusting but they are reported to work just fine along with a good fence. We plan to put up a field wire fence surrounding the veggie garden plot – plus use repellents and scarecrows. I suspect we will have to deal with other critters in our garden as well as deer. That is the way it seems to go out in the lovely countryside. Have a fantastic evening and a super day tomorrow!

  2. They are so beautiful, and it is a joy to actually see them jump, so high!!! We are over run with them here, and see many dead ones on the highway all the time. They have put up deer crossing signs, but they are of little use on the interstate. We actually hit one a couple years ago.

    • Hi Ginny, That is so scary – hitting a deer with the car! You are the second person I have heard of having that happen. Not a fun thing at all. We will have to be careful. I love having deer here to see (hopefully we can keep them out of the vegetables and fruit and ornamental plantings). Have a fabulous Friday tomorrow and a nice night tonight!

  3. Great pictures, Linda… I saw a couple of deer on our golf course fairway yesterday… Took some pictures –but they were pretty far away -and going the wrong direction. ha

    Glad we don’t have to worry about hunters in this area…

  4. They can be so destructive, and yet they are so beautiful and interesting to watch. We have finally decided that it is up to us to protect our garden and plants so they can’t get to them and just enjoy the deer. We have found a product that does act as a repellant too.

    • Hi Montucky, I guess one can tell that I grew up in the big city of Los Angeles! I just get so thrilled whenever I see animals that are not dogs, cats, pet birds in cages, hamsters, and other domestic pets. Of course, there were horses in L.A. but not for me (too expensive to keep at local stables). Ha! So, the city girl gets countrified! I will keep aware of deer when planting the garden (repellant and fences). Have a super great Friday and a most pleasant evening tonight!

  5. They are so pretty, great captures. I hope they can hide from the hunters. Great photos.

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