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A Sparrow in the Snow

This little Song Sparrow showed up in my yard  just after it had snowed.  The weather was windy and this tiny bird was looking for something to eat.  This is one of the first sparrows I have seen here.  I think that perhaps this bird lives with its flock in one of the neighboring yards or nearby woods.  The sparrow was investigating a couple of old empty plastic containers that once held bird seed.  The bird just knew somehow!  Because I did not have a bird feeder out, I no longer have any bird seed here.  So, taking pity on the little bird, I put out some dry oatmeal and a few torn pieces of raisin bread.  The bird had flown off before I managed to get the treats out, but I do think I need to have a feeder up soon.  I have not seen that bird back here since I took the picture from my window on 1/13/12.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Sparrow in the Snow" (6)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    feed me!!! 🙂

    • Hi TexWisGirl, Exactly! Big waterfowl and bird action here today at the pond. Weather is rainy and breezy. About 200+ Starlings, 2 Great Blue Herons (at the same time), 30 or so Canada Geese, and a dozen or so assorted ducks. Also saw that pair of flickers and a good number of bluebirds. Whew! What a jam-packed pond and shoreline. Fun to see though. Will post pictures soon. Have a super good rest of the day and a nice day tomorrow!

  2. We have plenty of sparrows here. And have you heard the Song Sparrow? They have the sweetest song!

  3. Th Song Sparrow is a pretty one and I like to hear them sing. Is there a reason you do not put out the seed? I seem to feed a lot of squirrels.

    • Hi Eileen, We are so busy with getting this current home in order as we bought the house furnished and already had our own furniture. We also are doing very minor spruce-up work on the lake house getting it ready to sell. Those are pretty much taking our time. I do hope to get some seed at the feed store in town and put our feeders up. Thanks for your always thoughtful comments. Have a super good day tomorrow!

  4. Since you have snow, they will be looking for a feeder. We are getting heavy snow tonight an I’ll have to shovel out a place to feed the birds in the morning!

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