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A Bunch of Starlings

European Starlings have been here in my yards fairly often.  A number of the robin-sized birds live in the Oaks and Hickories that are on the margins of the little farm here.  These birds often will join together in a large flock.  Earlier, back in the fall, the starlings were mostly here in groups of twenty to thirty birds.  Now, there usually are about a hundred or more European Starlings here.  They make a lot of squeaks, whistles, and chirp sounds.  They are pretty interesting and not any trouble at all to me here.  They eat insects, grains and fruits.  They do graze in the grass to find grubs and worms.  I think they are really handsome birds.  The males are a blue-black color with lighter golden streaks.  They are almost iridescent.  The females are similar in color but are more of a brown instead of a black.  Starlings have a pointed bill that they use to dig in the grass for insects.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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  1. TexWisGirl said:

    it’s obvious you don’t have bird feeders set up or they’d be eating you out of house and home! i think that’s most folks’ complaints about them. we only get a few here. blackbirds and grackles are much more plentiful at our place.

    • Hi TexWisGirl, I don’t think we will get Grackles but we will have Blackbirds here in Spring I think. I am going to put out cheap-o type generic bird seed and see what happens. Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. They have been known to flock to my feeder and eat all the seeds and suet before any other birds can, being as they come in such large flocks!! i do like the iridescence, though!

    • Hi Ginny, They are gorgeous! I don’t mind the calls and song (squeaks and whistles) but I am not wild about the idea of what the huge flock will leave under the tree. Oh well. I am going to put out the feeder and cross my fingers. Will wait on the suet though. Have a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow!

  3. I hadn’t thought about it until I saw this post, but I don’t ever see them here in winter. They must all be down there!

  4. Hi Linda, I’m glad that you don’t have your feeders set up… Those birds would eat everything you had… Luckily, I’ve only seen a few around here –and haven’t seen any in the past few days… Hope they’ve moved on!!!!


    • Hi Betsy, Funny you would say that – I said the exact same thing to the clerk at the feed store on Highway 70 this afternoon. Ha! But I did buy some rather plain-Jane cheap bird seed so that if the Starlings do mob the feeder, I won’t go broke. : ) Kidding, of course.
      Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  5. Oh wow and I thought I had a lot of starlings. I do not think I would want to feed this group. I am glad your feeders were not up. I hope they have moved away now.

  6. We get huge flocks of blackbirds like that in the fall, but I’ve only seen a few random starlings…

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