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Angry Crows and Two Hawks

I was out looking at a beautiful sunrise yesterday when I heard several Common Crows and also two Hawks.  These birds were in the cow pasture way across the pond from my little farm here.  I have no ability to access that pasture as it belongs to the neighbor’s farm.  The crows were swooping and making a lot of loud noise trying to shoo the hawks away.  I think one of the hawks (I don’t know which species of hawk they were as it was too far away to accurately see well) was perhaps injured or sick.  One hawk was flying a bit and was vocalizing a lot.  The cry that the hawks made was to me from a distance, a lot like a loud cat screeching.  Obviously the battle was on!  I think eventually the crows got tired of insulting the much larger and powerful hawks and gave up.  The crows flew off and a moment or two later, so did both hawks.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.


Comments on: "Angry Crows and Two Hawks" (11)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    i’m surprised the crows gave up! they are so insistent!

  2. Funny…I was taking pics of frienl croews just afew days ago http://hundredpics.wordpress.com/

    • Hi Risto, Welcome and thanks for your comments and link. You also have a nice photo of Crows in your local area. I hope you will have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  3. sorry for printing errors…

  4. The smaller birds love to torment the hawks, and fly in behind them, too. Wonder if the hawk was kind of sick? Or maybe just full!

    • Hi Ginny, I think that there may have been something wrong with the hawk but it still could and did fly. Yes, those crows were persistent in pestering the hawk. Have a great day tomorrow!

  5. HI Linda, The crows seem to be able to make noise instead of fighting… I think their loud screeching and being in groups like they always are is more a LOUD warning to the other little birds –letting them know that hawks are nearby… Of course, they’d be happy if the hawks just flew far away!!!! ha

    Think we got at least 3 inches of rain here today… Still raining some tonight…

  6. Interesting to see that interaction, wasn’t it! Perhaps it was a dispute about a food kill.

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