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Fresh From my Camera

This morning I have been out in the yard taking pictures of the wildlife.  I was really happy to have caught literally, a fleeting glimpse of a passing flock of Sand Hill Cranes.  I think that this small flock were heading a bit north of where my little farm is.  There are lots of larger ponds and small lakes in the area so the big birds will no doubt find a pleasant place to stop and rest on whatever journey they may presently be on.  The weather is sunny and a bit warmer with temperatures in the low 40’s (F.).  I also saw a few ducks on the pond such as the Mallards and the hen Ring-necked duck.  Eastern Bluebirds are residents here in the yard.  They enjoy perching on the electric lines that run from the power pole to my home.  All in all, a pleasant morning!   I took these photographs this morning at about 10:15 in my yard.   I have cropped the Sand Hill Crane picture in order to show what the individual bird looks like up close.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Fresh From my Camera" (9)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    oh, how fabulous to see the cranes go over! you are in a GREAT place!

  2. How exciting to see this crane! I have never seen one…

    • Hi Ginny, I do hope someday you’ll be able to see the Sand Hill Cranes. They are really cool big birds. I live about fifty or so miles from a large wildlife sanctuary for the cranes so that is likely why I do see them in the skies here on occasion. Have a super good day today!

  3. It would be awesome to see the Sandhill Cranes fly over. What a great sighting. You did have a great day seeing birds. The bluebirds are one of my favorites. Great post, have a great evening.

  4. I love to see the variety of birds that visit you this time of year. We have lots of birds wintering here, but few different species. Now that the hunting season for waterfowl is over though, I am seeing lots more douks and geese and yesterday a few swans on the Flathead river.

    • Hi Montucky, I think the the Cumberland Plateau has a great climate in the Winter for birds as it has higher elevation but does usually only get mildly cold. We also have a lot of lakes, ponds, and small streams. Big rivers are not too far away, also. We do also have forests and a lot of open space in spite of small cities. Have an excellent day!

  5. Sandhill cranes are always a treat, even though I often see dozens of them in our area almost every day in the summer, I never get tired of them. Right now they have been long gone for warmer climates (Michigan cranes go to Florida for the winter, from what I understand), but they will be back in March, getting ready to nest.

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