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Nuts About Nuthatches

White-Breasted Nuthatches are amazing acrobatic birds.  Nuthatches are truly agile, entertaining and just plain cute!  These are insect eaters but also enjoy a treat of seeds, nuts or fruit.  They have a tiny grey white and black body with a long slender and sharp bill.  The nuthatches have strong curved claws which are used to hang on to the bark of the tree that they are working and living in.  The preferred trees here where I live are mostly hardwoods such as Oaks and Hickories.

Nuthatches have a sound quite similar to the Downy Woodpecker.  They sound like a high pitched, thin and quiet “Cha-cha-cha” or even a clipped “Chip-chip”, that is repeated.  White-breasted Nuthatches are a creamy grey-white on their undersides with darker grey on their backs and head.  Both genders tend to look-alike.  I like watching the nuthatches here walking up, down, and even upside down in the trees.  I have a resident pair that live in a hollowed-out hole in one of the pond-side Oaks.  I took these pictures in my yard on Jan. 25, 2012, and also on Jan. 29, 2012.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Nuts About Nuthatches" (8)

  1. I saw one taking sunflower seeds the other day. They have become a little shy here, I think overwhelmed by a lot of Juncos. They are about as cute as it gets!

    • Hi Montucky, I am glad I have a nesting pair here. It’s nice that you also get to see the nuthatches where you live. Yes, I can see that they could be overwhelmed by Juncos. Have an outstanding day today and thanks for all your very insightful comments!

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    i’m totally jealous that you have these birds. i think i’ve only seen them once here. just not piney enough at Run*A*Round.

  3. i love that picture in the bottom left, so cute! I love the way they walk down trees, I haven’t seen one in years!

  4. Hi, Sorry I haven’t been around this week. We have been traveling and taking more photos… Hope you are having a great week.

    Great photos. I am nuts for Nuthatches also… I did a bird post today.


  5. The nuthatches are adorable birds. I love to watch them even their sounds are cute. Wonderful photos.

  6. Nuthatches are one of my favorite birds to watch.

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