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Snowy Day Pond Visitors

Canada Geese

Yesterday was a very cold snowy day here on the little farm.  The temperatures hovered at just about twenty degrees F. all day.  The pond was visited by Canada Geese early in the morning and then by a flock of about five Hooded Mergansers, and a small flock of about six Wood Ducks.  This is only the third time I have seen Wood Ducks here on the pond since I have lived here.  It is likely that these ducks all are migrating northward and found the pond to be a safe place to wait out the stormy weather.  I took these pictures yesterday from my living room windows.  It was very cold out.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photo.  Enjoy!

Wood Ducks

Wood Ducks

Canada Geese

Wood Ducks

Hooded Mergansers

Snowy Day at the Pond


Comments on: "Snowy Day Pond Visitors" (9)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    brrr… 🙂

    the wood ducks in the weeds are beautiful!

  2. Love your snowy day photos of the ducks. It does look chilly!

    • Hi Kateri, I think that the landscape look present today would be familiar to you up north! Ha! : )
      Yes, the ducks were very beautiful! Have a wonderful day today and a very nice coming week!

  3. Now those look like the waterfowl scenes that I’m used to! The snowy background is really pretty!

    • Hi Montucky, I guess I am still a wimpy former Southern California gal – trying hard to get used to southeastern US winter weather! Today is beautiful but cold. Blue skies and snow still here on the ground. Temperature is 23 so it is a little warmer than it was yesterday! Have a wonderful day today!

  4. Yeah—-it’s up to 23 degrees now (after being 11 at 8 a.m.)… Brrrrrr…. I thought you’d see lots of waterbirds yesterday –and you probably will today also. Love those little wood ducks… CUTE….

    Have a good day and stay WARM.

  5. Ok, now I am a little envious over your wood ducks. They are are gorgeous. I take it they do not mind the snow as much as I do. I am so ready for some warm spring days. great post and photos, Linda!

    • Hi Eileen, Many thanks for your kind comments! Warmer weather on the way in a few days. We will be happy. We had a wonderfully sunny but cold day here today. A few Hooded Mergansers and a couple of Gadwalls here. The Wood Ducks flew on. Have a super nice Monday tomorrow!

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