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A Couple of Yellow-Rumped Warblers came by the little farm on Saturday, February 18, 2012.  I snapped a picture of one of these little beauties on the roof of my shed, and one in a nearby Oak Tree.  I know that the pictures are not that great but I do think that these are Yellow-Rumped Warblers that are not yet in their breeding plumage.  Many migrating birds are in passage now.  Our weather is a real mix of warm and cold lately here in middle Tennessee.  I imagine that our strange weather is tricking birds into moving earlier than normal by a week or two.  Who can say?

The Yellow-Rumped Warblers eat both insects and fruit and seeds.  They are very small sparrow-sized birds that tend to fly in the company of finches, titmice and chickadees.  All are similar in size to the Yellow-Rumped Warbler.  I am very happy to see a greater variety of birds stopping by the yard here.  I also saw House Finches, Tufted Titmice, an American Robin, Eastern Bluebirds, a Morning Dove, White-Breated Nuthatches, a Red-Bellied Woodpecker, and Starlings.  I took the pictures on Feb. 18, 2012. If by chance, I have mis-identified the birds, please let me know.  I am always happy to have the help of seasoned “Birders”!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "The Yellow-Rumped Warblers Visit" (12)

  1. That is a bird I am not familar with. Very pretty.

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    i love their little flashes of color. i only see them in migratory tones, too. never in full breeding splash. 🙂

    • Hi TexWisGirl, Yes, those small concentrated yellow patches are quite spectacular. I have only once seen these birds in their breeding plumage. Have a great day today at the Run Around Ranch!

  3. Hi Linda, Got your boat out today????? ha ha … Lots of rain… They say it will turn into snow… Who knows????

    We had some yellow-rumped warblers here one year –but I haven’t seen any this year so far. Glad you saw them… Great photos.

    • Hi Betsy, Thanks! It’s 11:07AM Central and it is snowing like crazy here! I think that we may have an accumulation of snow through tomorrow morning and then it will melt – warm ground. Have a wonderful day and stay warm and safe!

  4. It may be that the warmer weather has somewhat altered the migration plans of some birds. I wonder how much the strictly local conditions will have to do with that. I’ve heard reports here that Robins have been coming into an area about 80 miles from here, but none at all in his local area.

    • Hi Montucky, We here in Cumberland County, TN up on the Cumberland Plateau, are having unusual weather patterns – alternating between unseasonable warm and cold with snow. We were 60 degrees yesterday afternoon and this morning it’s snowing hard! Weird! I do think that birds are sensitive to the local weather and do get their weather signals mixed-up! Hope you get to see those Robins! Have a wonderful day!

  5. The Yellow Rump Warblers are pretty birds. They are seen here in Maryland in the winter also. It is nice to see their flash of color during a drabby winter day.

  6. There are WAY too many warblers that all look alike! I can’t tell most of them one from the other. I think they are the most confusing birds ever!

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